"Steph gives me the courage to believe in myself, she makes exercise something you want to do, not have to do!"




Here's What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

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"Steph's varied and enjoyable sessions have helped me so much in every way through lockdown, the benefits and convenience of working out at home now mean I can fit the sessions in with no excuses but the main thing is my aches and pains are disappearing which mean I can now move with so much more ease and energy. Highly highly recommend, you won't be disappointed."​


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"Have been attending Steph’s Pilates class for nearly two years now and have enjoyed the variety and different challenges on offer each week.
I have in particular benefited from increased levels of core strength and suppleness that clearly support running, my preferred option of very regular activity. Injuries have become less frequent, and I am sure that with Pilates I have a gained a significant level of fitness, despite the ageing time clock ticking."

Mark Robinson

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"​As a personal trainer Steph is a hard taskmaster, while always being fully aware of my physical limitations and ability. Within a few sessions Steph pushed both my motivation and my heart rate, transforming my fitness levels and well-being. Everyone would benefit from these hour sessions and would become more healthy."

Ed Baker


"Steph's lunchtime sessions have been beneficial to both my physical and mental health but also to my productivity - I don't know what I did prior to this welcome interruption to my daily routine. Highly recommended."

Barbara Hayes,Deputy CEO, ALCS.

"A lunchtime online class with Steph has become an essential part of our staff's daily routine. The sessions help release the muscle tension built up over the course of a morning spent hunched over their laptops at the dining room table and provides an important space for reflection, setting them up perfectly for a productive afternoon despite the Lockdown!"

Stephen Thomas, Co-Founder, Bocka Bocka

I love working out at lunchtime with Steph as this gives me an excuse to take a break from my lap top which helps greatly with productivity throughout he rest of the day. Steph’s classes get my muscles moving after sitting down at a desk all morning and the classes are really varied so I can either have a full body stretch out to ease all of my aches and pains or a more intense workout to burn off all of those calories that I consume whilst sitting at my desk working.
Not only are Steph’s workouts important to me as a way to switch off and get away from my screen for a while but they have such a positive impact on my mindset as it is great to feel like I am looking after my body which in turn looks after my mind with mindfulness being crucial in the current climate."

Amy Watson - Commercial Delivery Partner - Amplifi

"Steph my shoulder is so much better today - I am enjoying doing the classes at home much more than I expected at the beginning of lockdown and the options you give are really helpful to ensure I can still benefit from the workout even if my body resists ! The spiky balls have been really good for the stiffness in my hands so this class has proved really beneficial - thank you for all of the information which is very helpful and clear."

Rachel T

"During this lockdown 2020 I was so grateful to "the soul fit co” and Steph for arranging a “pull up a chair” Pilates session. As I have been working from home this workout was great to get my posture back and to be able to stretch whilst at my desk , she helped to think of stretches I can do with my video off whilst on a zoom meeting call. Steph always has great ideas and is very industrious with how to enjoy Pilates."

Tracey H

"I very much enjoy your classes and it brings a bit of normality to what are very strange times indeed. I’ve figured out Zoom ( but don’t have Facebook), and I think it works quite nicely.Even when we return to ‘normal’ I’m not sure I would want to go back to the gym as I kind of figured out how to workout from home! I like the idea of your 20 min classes BTW!"

Mike Z

"Thank you Stephanie. I feel fitter and slimmer after yesterday's session. Keep up your good work. We need it!"

Carol & Alistair

"I should be thanking you which I do - I need the motivation as just wouldn't do on my own and it gives good structure to the day. We did try a couple of weeks of Joe Wicks but too much jumping around for my poor knees! I hope that you continue with the online classes as it is more flexible."

Geraldine B.

"I really enjoy the workouts and your style and have found them fantastically helpful. One benefit of this lockdown has been perhaps exercising more and your classes are providing the discipline and structure for the day.... and weeks! It's amazing how you keep engaging in the classes when you are not getting any feedback due to the mute button!"

Janet C

"Your classes help to keep my sanity!!! Thoroughly enjoying them. It’s your wonderful bubbly personality and encouragement coupled with an excellent sense of humour. All essential for a personal trainer!"

Toni K

"Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your class and am looking forward to the next one"

Jen B

"We thoroughly enjoyed the seated workout today Steph, could we add it as a permanent feature?"

Steve & Linda B.

"Thanks for the workshop Steph - thoroughly enjoyable look forward to the next one, it was so good to be able to follow your seated exercise, I felt so good afterwards, aa great online platform for fitness and Pilates."

Ati K

"Epic Workout, I loved your session and am looking forward to the next!"

Isabel B

"Thank you. I am beginning to feel the muscles on my legs and my inner thighs tend to be less flabby"

Carol K

"I have loved your classes - what I like is the combination and all over body workout."

Lucy S

"Steph is an amazing PT, I am so glad she’s in my life! Even on the days I don’t feel like doing any exercise, I look forward to seeing her smiley face and within minutes have forgotten about my lazy tendencies! She has the ability to motivate me regardless of my mood and EVERY single session has been different. Even now, almost a year after starting my sessions, Steph pulls out new and interesting equipment to spark my interest. I feel fabulous and look much better since training with Steph and I can’t imagine my world without her!"

Anushka A

"​Considering I hated exercise, I've loved every minute of Steph's bootcamp. Since I started, my body shape has changed and I feel stronger and healthier. Thanks to Steph ad her fantastic personality it has made me think completely different on what exercise is."

Lauren R

"Thanks for the class today Steph, always enjoyable and fun and I always feel so much better after."

Carolyn C

"Brilliant Session, Pilates is definitely helping me with my golf swing!!!"

Steve K

"I am not sure if it was agony or torture but I loved every minute - I am using that Spiky Ball again tonight!!!!"

Linda S

"Soul.Fit joined our young carers (16-18), to demonstrate how to stress bust in an active way. The sessions were high octane and fun filled, in which the youngsters were involved in a rotation of different activities. The laughter was great, as they worked in pairs with the ropes, balls, boxing pads.
The aim of the session was to release tension, and it certainly did. The young carers walked out of the gym with a smile on their faces and said they felt better!
Soulfit were extremely professional in their planning of the session, listening to what we wanted, and in their timely communication with us.
On the day of the event they came early, were really enthusiastic and friendly, chatted to our young carers which contributed to the success of the whole evening, Thank you, and we hope we can work together again’."

The Young Carers