"Strenghten the BODY,

Invigorate the MIND ,Elevate the SPIRIT"

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With a variety of training options we can help you achieve your goals. There will be no endless rep counting, push up after push upor militant style training techniques - unless you request it!! With our programmes, you'll have a ton more energy, vitality and passion and you'll feel tremendous...not tired.

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Tailored, enjoyable, individualised, fitness mentoring brought to you by our award nominated personal trainer Steph Kay.

Whether you are starting out on the road to a healthier you or taking your fitness to the next level we will provide a bespoke program to transform the way you look and feel.

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Experience our unique Soul.Fit community with a selection of specially curated and choreographed Soul.Fit.Studio classes.

Designed to be upbeat, easy to follow and challenging, with a focus on increasing agility, strength and fitness levels. Most importantly the classes are varied an fun - nobody likes a long, boring workout!

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Our selection of hugely popular Mind.Body classes target the whole body and focus on a complete mind, body approach.

Our award worthy classes incorporate breathing patterns, balance, strength & conditioning exercises. Gentle but challenging the classes enhance mobility, stability and flexibility and provide an element of calm, clarity and focus for the mind.

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We develop and deliver classes within education environments to provide an alternative for young people from traditional group sports such as football, hockey and netball.

Our Pilates, stretch and meditation classes have proved to have a very positive impact on students health and well-being, especially for those who may lack enjoyment in the traditional environment of PE. We are fully DBS enhanced.

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Soul.Fit.Workplace Wellness

A fit and healthy employee is also a productive and motivated workforce, so if you'd like to make sure your company gets out the best of your people.

We can help to create workplace wellness plans that are designed to help employees become and stay energetic, healthy and fit so your company can enjoy all the perks of boasting a productive team.

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We proudly stream our services digitally using either Zoom or Facebook live. Whether in your living room or hotel room you can connect to a class or a session even if you can't make it in person.

‚ÄčOur daily live lunchtime class stream provides a healthier lunch break option and enables you to incorporate daily activity into your schedule. Click here for Zoom and here for Facebook.

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We are in the results business and ultimately that is what is important, however, our team are friendly, supportive experts with a focus on total fitness, enjoyment and longevity - finding "your fit" rather than extreme diets and boring, nausea inducing workouts. Experience the difference!


Functional, physical, enjoyable and varied workouts - no unachievable expectations, boredom or endless hours on treadmills. Exactly what you need to feel energised and obtain great results.


Expert knowledge, recipes and advice, clearly explained to help your body function to its best ability and effectively implement healthier lifestyle choices.


Underrated but such a game changer, we love to help our clients align muscles, improve balance & address posture ultimately resulting in a reduction of pain and enhancing movement for life.